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Welcome to ourpreacherman!

Welcome to the newest community to honor one of our Big Damn Heroes!

Imagine our surprise when we discovered that there were no LJ communities for Shepherd Book. *gasp* It’s true! Well at least as far as we could find.

So to rectify that situation, we’ve created this lovely comm in which we hope you will join in posting anything and everything related to Our Preacher Man. We hope to kick off the site with a Book Ficathon (keep your eyes open for that one), but for now, here’s what we hope this comm will contain:

  • Have you written (or are planning, hoping, dreaming to write) fanfic with Book as the central character? We'd love to read it. We’re more than happy to see posts containing new fics as well as x-posting your previous work here.

  • Do you have a list of Book fic that you’d like to recommend to others? Feel free to rec away.

  • Are you a graphics person? We’d love to see Book icons, graphics, and vids posted to the comm!

  • Have some interesting questions or want to start a discussion about our favorite preacher? You'll fit right in.

Again, welcome to ourpreacherman and please help spread the Book love! Buttons can be found on the userinfo page.

If you moderate a community and would like to affiliate with us, please drop us a comment. We'd love to help spread the word.
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