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Shepherd Book's Very Own Flock
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Welcome to the Special Hell!

A sanctuary of sorts for all things related to Serenity’s very own Preacher Man: Shepherd Derrial Book.

This community is a place where you can post fics, icons, graphics, vids, or anything else you can think of that has Shepherd Book as the center of interest. We hope you will join us as we think about the man who brought the dear and fluffy lord onto a ship full of heathens (well, Kaylee’s not a heathen per se, but I digress).

Have something that you’ve already written or created about Book that you’d like x-posted here? Feel free to add it! Thinking about some short one-shot fics about Book and his friends? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to write that epic about Book’s past. This is the place!

If you have any suggestions, or questions, for the moderators, please contact us at:

cheshire_monkey @ livejournal.com
squish_67 @ livejournal.com

Community Commandments: (Look! Only 6!)

1. Posts should contain work that features Book as the central character. If he’s just a character in a general crew fic, then it would probably be best to post it on one of the many sites that will be read by millions…well okay, hundreds.

2. Any fanfic about Book is welcome (yes, even that truly special hell fic with Book/crew), but please attach appropriate pairing information and ratings for explicit sex/violence.

3. As always, please put longer posts behind LJ-cuts, especially fanfic and graphics-heavy posts (although including a few icon teasers upfront is quite acceptable). If you don't know how to make a LJ-cut, more information can be found (here).

4. We’d like to start off with a basic tagging system, so please try to use it when you can. Tags for general use: fanfic, icons, graphics, vids, admin (okay that’s ours, you can’t use it). We’ll add more as new categories become needed.

5. Please play nicely with the shepherd and his friends. He knows people who can shoot you, dismantle your spaceship, tear you from limb to limb, surgically remove your most precious bits, and kill you with their brain. This comm is meant to share the love of Firefly and Book, be friendly and respectful in your posts and comments. Just ask yourself, what would Shepherd Book do? And then do as closely to that as is humanly possible, ‘cause we’re all just heathens, you know?

6. Pimp us far and wide! Okay, that sounds more like something from a Jayne comm than a Shepherd Book comm, but we think you know what we mean.

There’s a lotta love out there for the Shepherd and like woman he is mystery…let’s see if we can figure him out some, eh?


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Wasn't born a shepherd

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DISCLAIMER: All Firefly/Serenity characters are owned by Joss Whedon, Universal, Mutant Enemy, etc. We're just playing with them to pass the time.

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